Environmental Policy
As part of our environmental policy and to protect the environment, use natural resources efficiently, prevent pollution and leave future generations a cleaner, more habitable environment, we guarantee
• To encourage all employees, ranging from the senior management to those who work in the lowermost subunit, to assume an active role in environmentally sensitive activities with a common sense of responsibility by providing them with trainings on the environment, 
• To create the relevant structure which allows for detecting potential environmental risks at their source during the activity implemented and ceasing the concerned activity in accordance with legal regulations, and to improve the aforementioned structure,
• To implement a resource management encompassing natural and other types of resources with an approach to sustainable development,
• To abide by all legal regulations and other requirements which are in force and which concern the environment,
• To run an Environmental Management System in line with the ISO 14001 Standard, based on the aims and targets that were set, and to sustain and improve the aforementioned system.
* Quality, Environmental, OHS and Information Security Management System have been established, implemented and continuously improved within the scope of the activities of our company’s head office in Giyimkent \ Esenler, Istanbul