OSH Policy
We guarantee
• To provide safe conditions and maintain comfort and sustainability in the workplace in order to protect our staff from any hazardous situation that might arise due to activities of our subcontractors, visitors and all relevant parties,
• To implement trainings aiming at increasing awareness about internal and external issues to carry out all activities responsibly and efficiently and to leave open the channels for participation to the system, for incentives and counselling,
• To plan occupational safety and health activities and to take measures with a proactive approach in order to protect employees and relevant parties when they are planning their routine / non-routine activities,
• To follow, measure and improve compliance requirements in order to abide by and maintain legal and other requirements, by taking them as minimum standards
• To carry out our activities with reduced risks and manageable actions by taking relevant measures to protect occupational accidents, occupational diseases, injuries and health deterioration cases,
• To create, improve and sustainably manage a corporate culture that supports all employees in the organizational structure and the expected results of the OSH management system.
* Quality, Environmental, OHS and Information Security Management System have been established, implemented and continuously improved within the scope of the activities of our company’s head office in Giyimkent \ Esenler, Istanbul